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Download Homebrew Dnd Classes
. Over the years i've created a number of things, ranging from tweaking base races to creating all new races. Experienced dungeons and dragons players throw around the term homebrew all the time.

Dnd 5e Homebrew
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Dungeons and dragons (d&d) fifth edition (5e) homebrew backgrounds, homebrew magic view the homebrew backgrounds that users around the world have created and shared, or create your own. New player classes and prestige classes. Welcome to this dungeons & dragons 5th edition wiki.

Most races are meant to be played, and have low racial hit dice or level adjustments.

Wotc 3.5 version , brilliant gameologists 3.5 version (copied from the giantitp version) , gleemax 4e version. So i thought i would attempt to create a new class that fits that theme of technology (tinkerer). See more ideas about dnd classes, dnd, dungeons and dragons homebrew. There's a whole substrate of homebrew classes that are tremendously underpowered.